Activity Diagram for Online Examination Management System

Online Examination Management System Activity Diagram

In this article, I will give you an idea how to create a Activity Diagram for Online Examination Management System 2022. Aside from this idea, you can get the Online Examination Management, which will be useful for your DBMS studies.

Online Examination Management System – one of the UML models used to depict the system’s actions is the diagram. It depicts the behavior of the system by displaying the flow of activities from one to the next. The actions can flow in a sequential, divided, or continuous order.

The Online Examination Management System Activity Diagram depicts how the Online Examination Management software interacts with its users. This diagram represents the flow of the proposed Capstone Project from its inception to completion. The activity diagram employs symbols to further describe the Examination System’s work flow.

An activity diagram for the online examination system is a developed blueprint that greatly aids system development. It displays how the system behaves when interacting with its users or clients. Additionally, this gives the programmer ideas and directs them as they create the system.

What is a Online Examination System Activity Diagram?

Let me explain its function and job to you so that you will grasp it clearly. The System needs an activity diagram so that the programmers have a foundation for how the software should interact with its users. This is so because the activity diagram directs the programmer in developing the software’s essential features. Therefore, you must also finish the activity diagram if you want a friendly and useful or simple-to-use software.

You’ll be able to depict the sequence of events using the activity diagram and determine how the System and its users should interact. By examining the system’s activity diagram, your readers and users will also be guided as to how they should use it. Therefore, it would be better if you used a UML activity diagram to describe how you think the examination system should function.

Activity Diagram Symbols:

Before we begin creating the Online Examination System Activity Diagram, you must first understand the symbols that will be utilized. The symbols used in the Activity Diagram are listed below.

Activity Diagram Symbols
Activity Diagram Symbols

To avoid misunderstandings, you must be familiar with these symbols in order to determine what should be included in the drawing. This is also to familiarize you with the activity diagram symbols so that you and your users can understand how the system works.

Furthermore, being familiar with these activity diagram symbols can assist you in illustrating the specific pieces and interactions that should occur as you create the System. Then you’ll be able to come up with good suggestions for how to construct the system you want.

Activity Diagram of Online Examination System

Here are the examples of Activity Diagrams provided for the Online Examination System. They’ll provide you suggestions for how the system might interact with users. In creating activity diagram we used lucidchart.

  • Designed Activity Diagram of Online Examination System for Examinee’s Side
The behavior of the system toward the examinees during an online exam is illustrated in the activity diagram. Additionally, it gives you suggestions on how to design the system from the perspective of the test takers.
  • Designed Activity Diagram of Online Examination System for Exam Provider Side
The other activity diagram is currently being developed for the online examination system’s exam provider side. The interactions between the system and the exam provider are depicted in more depth. Readers or clients are intended to understand and be made aware of the fact that the system offers protection for the crucial exam records and can only be accessed by authorized persons through this design.

You should be aware that you can alter these diagrams to achieve the desired system behavior. You can even come up with your own system function to justify all of your project requirements. You can also duplicate all of the concepts offered here to avoid having to come up with something new.

Allow me to explain its purpose and significance so you have a full knowledge of it. An activity diagram for the Online Examination Management is required so that programmers may determine how the software should interact with its users. It’s because the activity diagram aids the programmer in the development of software and its required features. You must also complete the activity diagram if you want a friendly and effective or simple-to-use software.

You can use the activity diagram to visualize the flow of activities and determine what interactions the system and its users should have. By glancing at the activity diagram, your readers and users will be guided on how to use the system. So it’s great if you use an activity diagram to illustrate your opinions on examination management.


To summarized, we have discussed about the activity diagram of Online Examination Management System, the activity diagram symbols, its features, how to create an activity diagram for online examination management and login.

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