Activity Diagram for Railway Reservation System

In this article, I will give you an idea how to create a Activity Diagram for Railway Reservation System 2022. Aside from this idea, you can get the Railway Reservation, which will be useful for your DBMS studies.

The Activity Diagram depicts the behavior of the system by showing the flow of activities from one process to the next. The order, divide, or continuous flow of activity is all possibilities. Activities, decisions, and pathways make up the Railway Reservation Activity Diagram. The entire process of the activity diagram is defined by symbols.

The Railway Reservation behavior in terms of interacting with its users is depicted in the Diagram. Activity Diagrams also provide fresh ideas and serve as a guide for project supporters throughout the software development process.

What is an Activity Diagram for a Railway Reservation System?

To give you a better understanding of the Railway Reservation System, let me explain its purpose and role. The Railway Reservation System must have an diagram so that programmers can determine how the software should interact with its users.

Railway Reservation System Activity UML diagram

This is the Railway Reservation Activity UML diagram, which displays the flows between the activities of Ticket, Customer, Payment, Booking, and Train Schedule. The following are the primary activities involved in this UML Activity Diagram:

  • Ticket Activity
  • Customer Activity
  • Payment Activity
  • Booking Activity
  • Train Schedule Activity

Activity Diagram Symbols

Now, before we begin creating the Railway Reservation System Activity Diagram, you must first understand the symbols that will be used. The symbols used in the Activity Diagram are listed below.

Activity Diagram Symbols
Activity Diagram Symbols

Swimlanes, actors, and arrows are used in the activity diagram to clearly define the interaction between users and the railway reservation. Swimlanes are used in this activity diagram to show how the system responds to users when they submit a transaction or a request system.

Features Of The Activity UML Diagram Of Railway Reservation System

  • Admin User can search Ticket, view description of a selected Ticket, add Ticket, update Ticket and delete Ticket.
  • Its shows the activity flow of editing, adding and updating of Customer.
  • User will be able to search and generate report of Payment, Booking, Train Schedule.
  • All objects such as (Ticket, Customer, Train Schedule) are interlinked.
  • Its shows the full description and flow of Ticket, Booking, Train Schedule, Payment, Customer.
Activity Diagram for Railway Reservation System

Login Activity Diagram Of Railway Reservation System:

This is the Railway Reservation Login Activity Diagram, which depicts the flow of Login Activity and allows administrators to log in using their username and password. After logging in, the user may control all payment, ticket, customer, train schedule, and booking procedures. Customer, Train Schedule, and Booking pages are all safe, and users can access them after logging in.

Login Activity Diagram Of Railway Reservation System:

Additional Knowledge:

The activity diagram works perfectly with the other Activity Diagrams which were available also on our site. These diagrams served as the blueprint designs to foresee the needed functions of a working Railway Reservation System.


To summarize, we have discussed about the activity diagram for Railway Reservation, and how to create an activity diagram for railway reservation and login.

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