Calculator App using React JS with Source Code

In React JS, Calculator App is a simple web-based program which can be used in our daily lives. This calculator has a variety of functions which can be used to do the basic (arithmetic operations) such as (subtraction, addition, multiplication, and addition).

In addition, these web app calculator can be very simple thing for you but this can be helpful when you’re trying to develop your own unique React JS Calculator.

Lastly, the main goal of the program is to introduced the concept and a newer idea of learning react and creating your own program using this powerful JavaScript Web Framework

Calculator Features:

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • accepts decimal values
  • compute percentages
  • invert the values
  • reset capability
  • format small and larger numerals
  • output resizing depending on length

How to create a Calculator App

The first thing to do when creating a react app you should have to import react and have a solid idea of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) as well as the basic react components such as display flex, align items, different font size, justify the content center, div classname, and different button hover.

Why we need a Calculator?

A calculator in (react JS) is needed to our daily lives because they provide a reliable calculations faster and efficiently. This make calculations clear that they don’t need to have mental calculation or even rely on paper.

What are the hooks in react JS?

In React JS, Hooks is a functions which let you (hook into) a state in react lifecycle features from components of all function.

Furthermore, hooks didn’t working inside of react classes instead they let react use without (classes) into a default app and export default application.

Project Details and Technology

Project Name:Calculator App using React JS with Source Code
Language usedReact JS
Version [Recommended]v12.20.2
Project TypeWeb Application
DeveloperSource Code Hero


Scope of Calculator App Project

In the next part of this article, I’ll show you a screenshot of the finished application so you can see how, even though it’s done, you can still improve it and make a better version that’s geared toward a specific field, like a scientific calculator.

About The Project

This calculator app will be made up of two parts. The first is our Result Component, which shows the output, and the second is our Keypad Component, which shows our keypad.

Features of Calculator App using React JS

  • add, subtract, multiply, divide
  • support decimal values
  • calculate percentages
  • invert values, reset functionality, and format bigger numbers
  • output change size based on length

Why we Use and Create Calculator App in React.JS ?

We decided to make the calculator for a set of reasons, most of which are listed and briefly explained.

  • Simplicity: A calculator is a simple tool that you have probably seen, used, and mistreated. You’ve seen a lot of different kinds of calculators, and now you get to make a simple virtual calculator that can do all the basic math operations, like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Since the process is so simple, it will be easy for us both to explain it and understand it.
  • There are a lot of interesting things: A calculator may look like a simple device, but if you want to make your own, you’ll have to find and make all of the different parts, as well as find and set up a way for them to talk to each other, and, last but not least, deal with all of the crashes, failures, and bugs.
  • Cosmetic Challenge: Creating and styling a calculator is a good place to start if you have a good eye for detail. The calculator itself shouldn’t take up a lot of space, but it does have a lot of buttons to fit. Since this is your first UI project, you’ll also have to think about how easy it is to read and the overall user experience.

Basic Steps on how to Create the Simple Calculator in React.JS

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  • Step 1: Install Node.js

    Before you can run this React.js project, you must first install node.js.

  • Step 2: Bring up the command prompt (CMD)

    Then, open the command prompt and go to the react-calculator project folder’s directory.
    Calculator App using React JS 2

  • Step 3: Put in npm install or yarn install to install Node modules.

    Next, you paste your project folder into the node.js command prompt and type this command. I used “npm install” because it is easy and quick to install node modules.
    Calculator App using React JS 3

  • Step 4: npm start

    After the node modules have been installed, just type “npm start” and hit enter.
    Calculator App using React JS 4

  • Step 5: You will go to http://localhost:3000/

    The last step is to copy “http://localhost:3000/” to your browser or Chrome after you type “npm start.”
    Calculator App using React JS 5

Download The Source Code Below


In this article we discuss about creating the app calculator using React.JS and the features of the project as well as the project details and technology that is prerequisite to build the calculator app.

Learning to build your own project at first in a new language can be hard enough, but as long as you motivate yourself and do not try to give up, all things can be done in a smooth and easy way. Learn more to earn more.

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