Class Diagram for Online Railway Reservation System

Class Diagram for Online Railway Reservation System

In this article, I will give you an idea how to create a Class Diagram for Online Railway Reservation System 2022. Aside from this idea, you will get the Online Railway Reservation Class diagram PDF and PPT files at the end of the talk, which will be useful for your DBMS studies.

The Online Railway Reservation system serves as an example of the class linkages and source code dependencies in the Unified Modeling Language (UML). An object, which is a particular thing in a program or a piece of code that represents that object, has methods and variables that are described by the object’s class.

Class Diagram for Online Railway Reservation System: Content

The Railway Reservation Class Diagram is shown in the table. It tells you what the article is mostly about so you know what the discussion is about.

Name:Online Railway Reservation System Class Diagram
Abstract:The Class Diagram for Online Railway Reservation System is a designed diagram that shows the system’s classes (data) and their relationships.
UML Diagram:Class Diagram
Users:System Users
Tools Used:Any Diagram tools that provide use case diagram symbols.
Railway Reservation System Class Diagram – Content

What is Online Railway Reservation Page System?

A login page is a web page or website entry page that asks users to identify themselves and prove who they are. Most of the time, a username and password are used to do this. When you sign in, you might be able to use the whole system or just a small part of it. SSO is a session and user authentication service that lets a user access the system with just one set of login credentials, such as a username and password.

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Online Railway Reservation System Pdf

Click the button below to get the PDF of the Class Diagram for the Online Railway Reservation. It has everything you need to know about the System’s Deployment Diagram and how it works. You can also change its content to meet the needs and requirements of your project.

UML Class Diagram for User Online Railway Reservation System

The UML class diagram looks like a flowchart, with boxes with three rows inside to show each class. The name of the class is in the top rectangle. The class’s properties are in the middle rectangle, and the class’s operations are in the bottom row (methods).

The class diagram is one of the most useful types of UML diagrams because it shows the structure of the system by showing its classes, properties, processes, and object relationships.

Classes of Online Railway Reservation System Class Diagram

  • Train Class : Manage all the operations of Train
  • Ticket Class : Manage all the operations of Ticket
  • Booking Class : Manage all the operations of Booking
  • Customer Class : Manage all the operations of Customer
  • Payment Class : Manage all the operations of Payment
  • Train Route Class : Manage all the operations of Train Route

Classes and their attributes of Online Railway Reservation System Class Diagram

  • Train Attributes : train_id, train_name, train_number, train_seat_number, train_ticket, train_type, train_description
  • Ticket Attributes : ticket_id, ticket_customer_id, ticket_type, ticket_date, ticket_description
  • Booking Attributes : booking_id, booking_title, booking_type, booking_ticket, booking_date, booking_description
  • Customer Attributes : customer_id, customer_name, customer_mobile, customer_email, customer_username, customer_password, customer_address
  • Payment Attributes : payment_id, payment_customer_id, payment_date, payment_amount, payment_description
  • Train Route Attributes : train_route_id, train_route_name, train_route_type, train_route_description

Classes and their methods of Online Railway Reservation System Class Diagram

  • Train Methods: addTrain(), edit Train(), delete Train(), update Train(), save Train, search Train() • Ticket Methods: addTicket(), editTicket(), delete Ticket(), update Ticket(), save Ticket(), searchTicket()
  • Booking Methods: addBooking, editBooking0, delete Booking0, updateBooking, saveBooking, searchBooking
  • Customer Methods: addCustomer(), editCustomer(), delete Customer(), updateteCustomer, saveCustomer, search Customer
  • Payment Methods: addPayment(), editPaymento), deletePayment, savePayment(), searchPayment
  • Train Route Methods: addTrain Route(), edit Train Route, delete Train Train(), update Train Route(), save Train Route(), search Train Route()

Online Railway Reservation System Class Diagram

Here is the Online Railway Reservation System Class Diagram that was made. It was given its properties and matching methods to show how each class is put together. This is made with a simple idea that comes from how a User Online Railway Reservation System usually works.

Class Diagram of Railway Reservation System
Class Diagram of Railway Reservation System

Get here the Class Diagram for Railway Reservation

UML Class Diagram for Online Railway Reservation System (Explanation)

As you can see from the picture, the boxes represent how the classes were decided. They were given names based on their attributes, and the methods of the class were shown. Their relationships are also plotted to show how different classes are linked and how many there are.

You should also look at the symbols in the diagram that show how visible something is. These are important because they tell your Class Diagram what the status of an attribute is. Some of the Class’s attributes are public (+), which means that the classes that are connected to them can access them.

While the (#) symbol means that only the same class or subclass can access the data’s attributes, the (-) symbol means that no other class can access the data.

Just remember that you need to be clear when you make your class diagram. Because it will change the way your project grows. Don’t worry, you can use the example given as a guide for your project, or you can make your own.


In conclusion, we have discussed about Online Railway Reservation System, its content, what is railway reservation in a page system, the UML class for user railway reservation system, the different (classes, attributes, and methods). We have shown an example of a class diagram for railway reservation and lastly we explained what is railway reservation system.

The Online Railway Reservation needs a diagram to show the classes that are needed to get the result that is wanted. It is used to model the parts of the system, show how they relate to each other, and describe what those parts do and what services they offer.

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