Employee Management System Project in PHP With Source Code

What is Employee Management System Project in PHP?

Employee Management System Project in PHP – An employee management system is a platform that securely stores and manages all of an employee’s work-related and personal information. You can manage administrative tasks more easily and quickly with this solution.

What is the objective of employee management system?

A scheduling system for a work center is being designed by the Employee Management System. Scheduling is a technology that makes the process of informing activities and notifications in the company where it is implemented simple and even online.

Importance of Employee Management System in PHP

Employee management software makes it simple to remind staff of their objectives and motivate them to improve their abilities and achieve deadlines. Instead of being micromanaged by a manager or HR expert, this arrangement encourages employees to work more independently.

Employee Management System in PHP Beneficiaries

  • Companies

Employee Management System Project in PHP: Project Details and Technology

Project Name:Employee Management System Project In PHP With Source Code
AbstractEmployee Management System in PHP – An employee management system is a software, that helps your employees to give their best efforts every day to achieve the goals of your organization. 
Language/s Used:PHP Web Framework
PHP version (Recommended):5.6.3
Type:Website, Web Application
Developer:Source Code Hero
Employee Management System Project In PHP – Project Information

Employee Management System Project in PHP : About the project

This 2022 Employee Management System Project in PHP Source Code is software that combines a variety of essential HR operations, such as storing employee data, processing payrolls, recruitment processes, benefits administration, and maintaining attendance records.

Employee management system project in PHP is a PHP-based project with MySQL as the back-end database. This is intended to assist the human resource management system department of the company.

Employee Management System in PHP : Major Functionalities / Features

  • Admin Module

    – Admin can manage all employee records, edit user personal details, work exp. details, and work exp. details.
  • Admin Login

    – For admin security features it uses session.
  • Employee Module

    – This system has an employee module that can monitor attendance, manage payroll, and other HR features.
  • Employee Management

    – They Can add or edit own information such as work experience details, educational background, and the likes.

This Employee Management System Project also includes a downloadable Source Code; simply locate and click the downloadable Button below to begin downloading.

To start executing this Project In PHP With Source Code make sure that you have a sublime or any platform of PHP and MySQL installed in your computer.

Employee Management System Project in PHP With Source Code : Steps on how to run the project

Time needed: 5 minutes.

These are the steps on how to run Employee Management System Project in PHP With Source Code

  • Download Source Code

    First, find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading the source code file.
    employee management system download source code

  • Extract File

    Next, after finished to download the file, go to file location and right click the file and click extract.
    employee management system extract file

  • Copy Project Folder

    Next, copy the project folder and paste it to C:\xampp\htdocs.
    employee management system project folder

  • Open Xampp

    Next, open xampp and start the apache and mysql.
    emloyee management system open xampp

  • Create Database

    Next, click any browser and type to the URL localhost/phpmyadmin and create database.
    employee management system create database

  • Import Database

    Next, click the created database and click import to the right tab and click choose file and import the sql file inside the download folder.
    employee management system import sql file

  • Execute Project

    Final, type to the URL localhost/employee
    employee management system run project

Downloadable Source Code Here!

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As a result, this System is a basic project for all beginning and intermediate PHP users who want to broaden their understanding of PHP web applications. Finally, the entire PHP project with open source code is an absolute project and a valuable way for users to understand and explore more about it.

This PHP project is created using PHP and MySQL Database for a student project. You can download the full source code and modify it to fit your client’s requirements.

I hope this Project With Source Code using PHP MySQL will help you with what you are looking for and hope that you will learn something with this project that is useful for your future projects.


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