ER Diagram for Restaurant Management System

Hi! Today, I’ll share some thoughts for the simple ER diagram for restaurant management system. This small database will also provide you with a thorough overview of the tables in the Restaurant Management System database project.

This course will teach you how to administer a restaurant management database and how to construct a database for a restaurant management system. You will get the Restaurant Management System ER diagram PDF and PPT files at the end of the talk, which will be useful for your DBMS studies.

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What are included in this ER Diagram of Restaurant Management System and Database Projects?

  • Restaurant Management System Description with Features
  • Restaurant Management System Database Tables
  • Schema diagram for Restaurant Management System
  • ER Diagram for Restaurant Management System

Description of Restaurant Management System Database

  • The details of Restaurent is store into the Restaurent tables respective with all tables.
  • Each entity (Orders, Items, Payments, Employees, Restaurent) contains primary key and unique keys.
  • The entity Items, Payments has binded with Restaurent, Employees entities with foreign key.
  • There is one-to-one and one-to-many relationships available between Payments, Sells, Orders, Restaurent.
  • All the entities Restaurent, Payments, Items, Orders are normalized and reduce duplicacy of records . We have implemented indexing on each tables of Restaurent Management System tables for fast query execution..

Restaurant Management System ER Diagram and Database Structure Description

This Restaurant Reservation System Database Design Project is utilized to store and retrieve information as well as conduct transactions related to rentals and other activities. Restaurant management mixes everyday operations with long-term growth by focusing on the bottom line. Restaurant managers may be in charge of managing labor and food costs, inventory management, restaurant marketing, and even POS problems.

Restaurant Management System Entities and their Attributes:

  • Restaurent Entity : Attributes of Restaurent are resturent_id, resturent_name, resturent_type, resturent_description, resturent_address.
  • Employees Entity : Attributes of Employees are employee_id, employee_name, employee_mobile, employee_email, employee_username, employee_password, employee_address.
  • Items Entity : Attributes of Items are item_id, item_stocks, item_number, item_type, item_description.
  • Sells Entity: Attributes of Sells are sell_id, sell_name, sell_type, sell_sercription.
  • Payments Entity : Attributes of Payments are payment_id, payment_customer_id, payment_date, payment_amount, payment_description.
  • Orders Entity : Attributes of Orders are order_id, order_customer_id order_type, order_number, order_description.

ER Diagram of Restaurant Management System With Features

  • This System used to store and retrieve information and conduct transaction related to rental, or other activities.
  • This system is built to have an easier way to save information to the database and secure the information as well.
  • Access the details in smooth operations.
  • To have a transaction to the costumer appropriately and productively.

Restaurant Management System Database Tables

These tables below provide the complete database tables details such as Field NameDescriptionsdata typescharacter lengths. These tables below provide the complete database tables details such as Field NameDescriptionsdata typescharacter lengths.

Table 1. tbl_customer

Field NameDescriptionTypelength
CUST_ID(pk)Customer idint11
cust_FnameFirst nameVarchar50
Cust_LnameLast nameVarchar50
Cust_PhoneMobile numberVarchar50
Customer Table

Table2. tbl_reservation

Field NameDescriptionTypelength
Res_Id(pk)Reservation idInt11
Cust_IdCustomer Idint11
FullNameFullName of customervarchar50
Res_eventReservation eventvarchar50
Contact_noContact numbervarchar50
No_of_personNumber of personvarchar50
res_DateReservation Datevarchar50
Res_TimeReservation Timevarchar50
Reservation Table

Table3. tbl_cashier

Field NameDescriptionTypelength
C_ID(pk)Cashier idInt11
Employee_IdEmployee IdInt11
First_NameFirst NameVarchar50
Last_NameLast NameVarchar50
Phone_noPhone numberVarchar50
Cashier Table

Tableno.4 tbl_payments

Field NameDescriptionTypelength
Payments_noPayments numberInt11
Cust_IdCustomer idInt11
Name_of_customerCustomer nameVarchar50
Name_of_cashierCashier nameVarchar50
Total_amountTotal amountVarchar50
Payments Table

Tableno.5 tbl_employee

Field NameDescriptionTypelength
Employee_IdEmployee IdInt11
Employee_FnameFirst NameVarchar50
Employee_LnameLast NameVarchar50
Hire_DateHire DateVarchar50
Employee Table

Entity Relationship Diagram for Hostel Management System

Entity Relationship Diagram Symbols

ER Diagram Symbols

ER Diagram of Restaurant Management System with Relationship

ER Diagram of Restaurant Management System shows the system entity relationships in each entity and their supposed functions in each relationship.

ER Diagram for Restaurant Management System with Relationship
ER Diagram for Restaurant Management System with Relationship

ER Diagram of Restaurant Management System

The database design shown with tables in the Entity Relationship diagram for Restaurant Management System is shown in the image above. The tables are designed to suit the system’s requirements and to provide considerably more detailed information about each entity within the system.


To summarize, we have discussed about the ER diagram for Restaurant Management System, and above we have the system database tables and their relationships.

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