Hospital Management System DFD

Hospital Management System DFD (Data flow diagram) is often used as a first step to get a general picture of the system without going into too much detail, which can later be expanded on. In most cases, this is the overall data flow and processes of the Hospital process that are in the application.

The Hospital Management System’s Data Flow Diagram is made up of data, external entities, data storage where information is kept, and processes. It uses symbols to show how the data flows together.

Hospital Management System Data Flow Diagram: Project Name and Details

The table shows the project name and details of Hospital Management System Data Flow Diagram. It has complete information about the project’s information.

Name:Hospital Management System DFD (Dataflow Diagram)
Abstract:The Hospital Management System DFD shows the structure of the project in terms of its data management. It contains the important details on the flow of data and alternatives present in the project.
Diagram:DFD also known as Data Flow Diagram
Users:Patient, Hospital Employee, Doctor and Hospital Admin
Tools Used:Diagraming tools that provides data flow diagram symbols.
Hospital Management System DFD – Project Name and Details

What is DFD for Hospital Management System

The Data Flow Diagram (DFD) for Hospital Management System one of the methods used for development. It represents the system’s major processes and alternatives that generate the flow of data within the system. Moreover, the data includes in Data Flow Diagram labeled properly to guide the developers on the structure of the Hospital Management System.

Importance of DFD for Hospital Management System

The importance of DFD for Hospital Management System is that it aids the audience in understanding what is happening in the system. The system is done managing its data at different levels of detail.

The Hospital management system data flow diagram involves major levels to elaborate the flow of data within the project. Moreover, these levels has their part in expounding the details of the system’s data flow structure. This structure will be the guide of developers in designing the system’s data handling.

The data flow diagram displays the data flow in the Hospital Management System. After that, it describes the stages required in transporting data from input to file storage and report output in a medical system.

How to Create Hospital Management System in DFD level 0 1 2

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the step-by-step way on how to create  How to Create Hospital Management System DFD level 0 1 2.

  1. Example Data Flow Diagram Context Level dfd for Hospital Management System

    The hospital management system DFD level 0 is also known as context diagram. It is an abstract view with the mechanism represented as a single node process with external parties.

    The overall structure is shown as a single bubble in this DFD Level 1 for Hospital Management system. It includes incoming/outgoing indicators that display input and output data. Therefore, its illustration serves as the foundation for the next two primary levels, since it shows more specific data handling data.Hospital Management System Level 0 DFD

  2. Example Data Flow Diagram Level 1

    Next to the context diagram is the level 1 data flow diagram. The content of Hospital management system Data Flow Diagram level 1 is in relate to the process shown in the context diagram. The main process will be broken down into more specific processes to deal with the data fed on the system.

    Knowing the DFD level 1 of the System will allow you to understand its broader context terms. Furthermore, this may act as a reference for how the system system managed the inputs or data provided to it. The system’s outputs will then be communicated to you.Hospital Management System Level 1 DFD

  3. Example Data Flow Diagram Level 2 for Hospital Management System

    After presenting the Hospital management system DFD levels 0 and 1, next to that is level 2.

    The DFD Level 2 for Hospital Management system represents the specific destination of essential data which will complete the service of the hospital personnel. Furthermore, Data Flow Diagram level 2 is the highest abstraction level of Hospital management system processes and they must be detailed which is based on the DFD level 1.Hospital Management System Level 2 DFD

What is Hospital Management System in DFD level 0, 1 and 2?

Context diagrams (DFD level 0 ) are diagrams in which the entire system is represented in a single process. So, a single process node and its connections to external entities are depicted in this level.

Hospital Management System Level 0 or context diagram shows you the main users of the application as well as the main data that expected to be handled by the system. This level also gives the following levels the basis on how to broaden the idea given.

1st level DFD for Hospital Management System is an idea called a context diagram is used to give an overview and go into more depth. So, the single process node from the context diagram is broken down into sub processes that make up level 1.

The System DFD level 1 lists all of the major sub-processes that make up the entire system. Also, it is considered as the “detonated view” of the context diagram. It reveals the specific processes derived from the DFD Level 0. Moreover, it adds the data included with their indicated flow inside the system.

The level 2 DFD goes even deeper into the level 1 DFD’s ideas. Using it, you can plan how the system works and record everything that is important about it.

DFD Level 2 is the most abstract level, representing the system’s basic modules as well as data flow between them. Level 2 displays the database used to store the system’s data inputs and the source of its outputs. You can also see here the sub processes of the process that shown in level 1.


It is very important for you to know the diagrams that used to design and build the Hospital Management System. That is to help you build a fully-functioning system with the help of DFD, so that you can use it. Creating a DFD will help you see what inputs and outputs the system needs to process and transform. Not only that, but you can also connect its diagram to other diagrams, too.


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