Use Case Diagram for Hotel Management System

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This article discusses the meaning of the Hotel Management System project UML as well as its use case diagram using include and extend.

This Use Case Diagram is a picture of how the different parts of the Hotel Management System work together.

It is the method that is used in system analysis to find, clarify, and organize the Hotel Management System requirements.

What is a Hotel Management System Use Case Diagram?

To start with, a Hotel Management System Use Case Diagram is a list of steps or actions between a person or group and a computer system that leads to something useful. The user or actor could be a person or something else, like an outside software system or a manual process.

The use case diagram are usually referred to as behavior diagram used to describe the actions of all user in a system.

In the use case diagram, you can see how the manager or staff and the customers are linked together. It’s important for the user or the actor to be someone who can talk about how things work at an event.

It helps a lot for the programmer to figure out how the system works, which helps them write the code.

What is the purpose of the Hotel Management System Use Case Diagram?

The Hotel Management System Use Case Diagram purpose the people who work in hotels use a Hotel Management System, which is a type of proper management system.

It helps people run hotel operations and functions like front office, sales, planning, and accounting; it also helps people keep track of how much money they make.

Use-case diagrams show how a system works and what it can do at a high level. These diagrams also show how the system and its actors work together.

Use-case diagrams show what the system does and how the actors use it, but they don’t show how the system works on the inside.

Use Case Diagram of Hotel Management System Features:

The features of the system depend on the users of it.

  • Monitor and Manage Customers’ Information and Status
  • Manage Hotel Rooms Info and Status
  • Manage Hotel Info and Status
  • Monitor Hotel Transaction Records

By creating the use case of the Hotel Management System, you must determine first the possible features to identify the flow of the system.

After that, you can now create the blueprint or core of the system function.

How to Draw Hotel Management System Use Case Diagram with Explanation

Time needed: 3 minutes

Here are the process on to draw a Hotel Management System Use Case Diagram using Include and Extend.

  1. General Use Case

    Now I present to you the general use case of the Hotel Management System.

    This diagram shows the general processes or functions that the system could do based on the transactions done by the customer and the admin or employee about checking in or out of the hotel.
    General use case diagrams are used most often to show how things work in general.

    There are use case diagrams that show how the system’s main parts work together and how information moves between them, as well.

  2. Monitor and Manage Customers’ Information and Status

    This is when the admin or the main user has to ask the customer for their basic information.

    This information will be used as the foundation for the transaction that the customer wants to make or apply to make or apply for.

  3. Manage Hotel Rooms Info and Status

    This is when the admin has to keep track of the hotel room’s information and its current state. Also, to make sure there isn’t a conflict between customers, room management is very important to the hotel management. It’s also to make the hotel service better for the guests.

  4. Monitor Hotel Transaction Records

    This process explains how the admins or users of the hotel management system handle the services that they provide to their customers. It is important because it is part of the system and allows us to figure out what kind of transaction the customer has made and prepare for the request or the service they want. This information about products and services was used.


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