Learn C Tutorial for Beginners

In this C tutorial, we will know what is the meaning of C programming language. Why do we need to learn C language? Who created the C programming language?

What is the meaning of C programming language?

C programming language is widely used in computer languages all over the world through general purposes. It’s used for creating software development systems such as compilers and databases project. This is the first language the best to start learning for beginners on how to program.

Who developed the C programming language?

The C programming language is developed by a genius computer scientist named “Dennis M. Ritchie” at Bell Telephone Laboratories to create the UNIX operating system.

Why we need to learn C language?

We need to learn C language because it is the way to make students and professionals become outstanding software engineers. Particularly when they are at work in the software development industry.

The facts behind C

  • The C language is created or developed to make an operating system which is called the UNIX.
  • The C programming language is the replacement of B language which was introduced in early 1970.
  • The C language was officially launched in 1988 through the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).
  • The UNIX OS is actually written in C.
  • Nowadays C is the most popular programming language.
  • The most modern software was created in C.

C Programming Language example

We will make an example to get you interested to learn C programming. The example is very easy to understand which is the first to run in C programming “Hello World”. We will see the code below.

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
   /* This is the first program in C you need to learn*/
   printf("Hello, World!\n");


Hello, World!

The C Programming Applications Used

The C Language is used for development in a system, especially the programs created in an operating system. C is being used for a system development that produces code which is to run nearly as fast as assembly language-written code.

Here are the 10 examples using C language:

  1. Operating Systems
  2. Language Compilers
  3. Assemblers
  4. Text Editors
  5. Print Spoolers
  6. Network Drivers
  7. Modern Programs
  8. Databases
  9. Language Interpreters
  10. Utilities


This C Tutorial for Beginners is designed for students, professionals and also for the software engineer to learn from scratch.

Also, this tutorial will give you a proper understanding of where you can advance your level of knowledge in C programming language.

Pre Conditions

Before you proceed in this tutorial make sure that you have little understanding about computer programming language concepts or terminologies.

Additionally, a piece of basic knowledge of any computer programming language will be able to help you to understand the concepts of C programming by moving fast on the learning process.


In conclusion, we already give the meaning of C language and also discussed the creator of C programming. In addition we already answer the question, Why do we need to learn C language?

There you have it! This tutorial is great for developing your skills and knowledge in C programming system.

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