Library Management System Project in C with Source Code

Library Management System Project in C with Source Code

Library Management System Project in C with Source Code – The project for the library management system is written in the C programming language. In this world, there are various types of libraries. A computerized system is used in the majority of the library.

In the library, some people use a traditional system. A new system is offered to minimize the traditional system. This project is a computer-assisted record-keeping system.

Who can use the library management system?

For schools, colleges, private libraries, and other organizations, a library management system is increasingly required. They can use this program to issue books and have them returned for renewal.

What is library management system used for?

To keep track of library records, a library management system is utilized. It keeps track of the quantity of books in the library, how many are issued, how many are returned or renewed, and late fine costs, among other things.

Project Details and Technology

This section contains the system’s technical and project details. The database is saved in a.DAT file, despite the project type being Desktop application. The project is called Library Management System, and the creator is named sourcecodehero. The DEV-C or Code blocks IDE tool was used to create this project system, which was written in C programming language.

Project Name :Library Management System
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Dev-C++/Codeblocks
Project Type :Desktop Application
Database:Stores data in .DAT file
Upload DateOctober 27, 2021

What is the importance of the system to the library users?

A library management system helps librarians and library users work more efficiently. It also makes it simple for librarians to catalog books and maintain track of those that have been issued, reissued, and not returned.

What is the introduction of library management system?

Library management systems are used to track the movement of books and keep track of the library’s members. The software solution is created in accordance with the system requirements, the individuals involved, the operation’s content, and the activity to be completed.

Watch the video below to see the Library Management System Project in C with Source Code in action.

It’s easy to use and understand the function of the system. This is a fantastic project. It’s a great deal of fun. The interface of this project library management system is user-friendly.

Despite the fact that it has a command interface. It will be simple to use for the user. It is extremely beneficial to both beginners and professional.

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What can this system do?

The C library management system was developed in the C programming language and was console-based. This C simple library management system project can perform functions such as adding, returning, checking out books, erasing published book records and viewing published book records, searching for books, and more.

File processing was widely used in almost every feature of this project. Therefore, this project can definitely guide you to better understand the C mini project. The library management systems c program has six divisions: computers, electrical, construction, electronics, mechanics, and architecture.

These departments work at the same time as the above operations. You can add books to the construction section, remove books from the electrical section, and view details of books on display from the mechanical engineering department.

How many lines of code used in Library Management System?

The source code for this “library management system” is about 831 lines. So this project is like real library management software with all the basic features. It is not composed of high graphics and it is simple, so the users can understand it very easily.

Major Functionalities Used in Library Management System

Library Management System in C with source code is easy and simple to comprehend. This project has been separated into many functions, the majority of which are related to various financial activities. Some of the most important functions are listed below to assist you better understand this project.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Functionalities Used in Library Management

  • Menu

    The menu function is used to display a menu in library system such as add books, delete books , search books, issue books, view book list, edit books record. This function shows the library menu and ask the user to choose an option. The application will close if the user choose 7.
    Menu for Library Management System in C

  • Add Books

    If you choose number 1 it means you want to add new books. after you choose number 1 it will show you the categories of books you want to add. Then it will show the details of books like book id, book name, author quantity,
    price, and the rack number.
    Add Books for Library Management System in C

  • Search Books Record

    If you choose number 3 the system will directly go to search book module and ask the user to input the id of the book or the name of the book they wish to look up. It displays the message book not found in records if the book is not found in the list.
    Search Books for Library Management System in C

  • View Book List Module

    It will display all of the book information such as book id, book name, author quantity,
    price, and the rack number. If no book is found in the records, the system will view the result “no record found”.
    View Books for Library Management System in C

  • Issue Books Module

    In the issue books module it contains issue menu section like issue a book, view issued book, search issued books, and remove issued books.

    Issued Books for Library Management System in C

Download Source Code Here!


The Library Management System In C is develop in C programming language and creating in a console based, This Simple Library Management System Project In C you can perform functions such as add books, return books, issue books, delete record of books issued, view record of books issued, search for books, and more. You can add a book to the Civil section, delete a book from the Electrical section or view issued book details of the Mechanical department.

In this article, The Library Management System Project in C with Source Code was created and performed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll clear up any misunderstandings as quickly as possible.

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