DFD for Online Shopping System (Data Flow Diagram)

Online Shopping System DFD (Data flow diagram) is often used as a first step to get a general picture of the system without going into too much detail, which can later be expanded on. In most cases, this is the overall data flow and processes of the online shopping process that are in the application.

The Online Shopping System’s Data Flow Diagram is made up of data, external entities, data storage where information is kept, and processes. It uses symbols to show how the data flows together.

Online Shopping System Data Flow Diagram: Project Name and Details

Name:Online Shopping System DFD (Dataflow Diagram)
Abstract:The Online Shopping System DFD shows the structure of the project in terms of its data management. It contains the important details on the flow of data and alternatives present in the project.
Diagram:DFD also known as Data Flow Diagram
Users:Customer, Seller, and Shopping Admin
Tools Used:Diagraming tools that provides data flow diagram symbols.
Online Shopping Management System DFD – Project Name and Details

What is DFD for Online Shopping System

This DFD Dataflow Diagram for Online Shopping System represents the flow of data and the transformations in the form of DFD Level 0, 1 and 2. These transformations occurs as data enters and exits a system. In the DFD, input, processing, and output are used to represent and define the overall system.

A data flow diagram is a graphical view of how data is processed in a system in terms of input and output. The Data flow diagram (DFD) contains some symbol for drawing the data flow diagram.

It is one of the methods used for development. It represents the system’s major processes and alternatives that generate the flow of data within the system. Moreover, the data includes in Data Flow Diagram labeled properly to guide the developers on the structure of the Online Shopping System.

Importance of DFD for Online Shopping System

The importance of DFD for Online Shopping System is that it aids the audience in understanding what is happening in the system. The system is done managing its data at different levels of detail.

The data flow diagram displays the data flow in the Online Shopping System. After that, it describes the stages required in transporting data from input to file storage and report output in a medical system.

Online Shopping System Data Flow Diagram shows the overall movement of data inside the project. The DFD Diagram’s main focus is to design the ways on how the system handle all the data included. The design done in Data Flow Diagram inform readers and programmers about how will the system handle the data in DFD Levels 0, 1and 2.

Online Shopping System DFD Potential Output and Input

  • Purchasing Information
  • Order Reservation
  • Products
  • Transaction
  • Payment
  • Deliveries

These potential inputs (data) can also be seen in other diagrams that builds up the whole system. Since Systems were not just about the data inputs and outputs but also the processes and backbone structures

How to Create Online Shopping System DFD level 0 1 2

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here’s the step-by-step way on how to create  How to Create Online Shopping System DFD level 0 1 2.

  1. Online Shopping System DFD Level 0 (Context Diagram)

    Level 0 of the Online Shopping DFD is an abstract view that is represented in a single process with external parties. This level illustrates the entire process as a single node. It assists the developer in distinguishing the primary function (process) in the Online Shopping System.Online Shopping System DFD level 0

  2. DFD for Online Shopping System Level 1

    There is level 1 diagram shows how data moves through the system.Its content comes from the previous level, which helps you understand the main process of the Online Shopping System even more. In DFD level 1, the diagram also shows more information about how processing works.
    Online Shopping System DFD level 1

  3. DFD for Online Shopping System Level 2

    DFD level 2 comes next after level 0 and 1. But creating the DFD Level 2 Online Shopping System has two things to think about. DFD Level 2 should show all the processes and data in a more detailed way than level 1. As a result, it should also show the databases that are used.

    Data Flow Diagram level 2 let’s you know the ideas on where does the data inputs goes and inputs comes within the Online Shopping System. The presented level not only shows you the detailed processes of system, but also gives you precise destination of the data that flows in the system. And the destination of data inputs goes to the databases and from the databases, the system produces the output.Online Shopping System DFD level 2


It is very important for you to know the diagrams that used to design and build the Online Shopping System. That is to help you build a fully-functioning system with the help of DFD, so that you can use it. Creating a DFD will help you see what inputs and outputs the system needs to process and transform. Not only that, but you can also connect its diagram to other diagrams,


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