Payroll Management System Project in C with Source Code

Payroll Management System in C Language with Source Code – This Payroll Management System in C Language Project is a console-based application written in the C computer language.

Furthermore, this system is a simple little project that was created in the Code::Blocks IDE and compiled with the GCC compiler. The user can add, search, modify, print a slip, and delete the employee’s information.

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Project Details and Technology

The project details of this system are listed in the table below, and the project name is Payroll Management System Project. This system’s project type is desktop application, and the project platform is C/C++.

In addition, the developer of this project system is sourcecodehero, and the programming language utilized is C, with Dev-C++ or Code Blocks as recommended IDE tools.

Project Name :Payroll Management System Project
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Dev-C++/Codeblocks
Project Type :Desktop Application
Database:Stores data in .DAT file
Upload DateNovember 11, 2021

What is a payroll management system?

The process by which employers pay their employees’ salary is known as payroll administration. It’s also how they show their dedication to their employees, meet their government requirements, and maintain track of their finances.

Why payroll management system is important?

The primary function of payroll is to assist the company in the timely payment of staff salaries and salaries. It also contributes to other key activities, such as income tax, unemployment tax, and social security. In most cases, the state in which the company operates is mandated to have a payroll.

What is the use of payroll management?

Payroll Management software aids in the streamlining and centralization of your company’s wage payments. The software calculates salaries, tax deductions, incentives, and bonuses on its own, sorting out payment and deduction issues and digitally recording them in its database.

Definition of terms for Payroll Management System

  •  Basic Pay – This is calculated by multiplying the monthly rate by the number of working days multiplied by the number of days worked.
  • Daily Time Record – This is a record of how a person has spent their time. It’s used to figure out pay, evaluate time efficiency, and bill for services rendered.
  • Database – This is a collection of data that has been organized for one or more purposes and is usually in digital form.
  • Employee – This is a person who is recruited on a regular basis to give services to a corporation in exchange for compensation.

Watch the video below to see the Payroll Management System in C with Source Code in action.

This system manages the financial components of an employee’s salary, deductions, allowances, and net pay. Each employee’s account can be accessed, and adjustments to their payments, as well as deductions, overtime, and salary rates, can be made.

A Payroll Management System in C is a simple project to learn how to develop a web-based C language project for beginners. We’ll provide you the whole source code for the C project so you can quickly install it on your PC and learn how to write in C.

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Major Functionalities Used in Payroll Management System in C

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The following are the basic functionalities of the Payroll Management System Project in C


    When you start the project from any compiler or by double-clicking the executable.exe file, you’ll see the screen shown below is main screen window.


    If you choose option number 1 in the main menu it will directly go to employee menu such as add, delete, edit and search options.
    employee menu for Payroll Management System Project in C Language with Source Code


    The user can conduct an employee search using their employee id.


    The edit employee feature allows the user to make changes to their own information.
    edit menu for Payroll Management System Project in C Language with Source Code


    The user can delete their personal information with the delete employee option.


    For the Print Report, The user can utilize the print report to print employee information.

Download Source Code Here!


An employee’s salary, deductions, allowances, and net pay are all managed by a system. Each employee’s account is accessible, and changes can be made to payments, deductions, overtime, and salary rates. An easy project for learners to learn how to create a web-based C language project is a payroll management system.


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