Traffic Signs Recognition Using CNN & Keras In Python

Traffic Signs Recognition OpenCV Python – TSR (traffic-sign recognition) is a system that allows a vehicle to detect traffic signs placed on the road, such as “speed limit,” “children,” or “turn ahead.” This is one of the features referred to as ADAS. A number of automobile suppliers are working on the technology. It detects traffic signs using image processing techniques. Color-based, shape-based, and learning-based approaches are the three types of detection methods.

Importance of Traffic Signs Recognition Python OpenCV

Expert systems, such as traffic assistance driving systems and automatic driving systems, rely heavily on traffic sign detection and identification. It immediately aids human and automated driving systems in successfully detecting and recognizing traffic signs.

Traffic Signs Recognition In Python: Project Details and Technology

Project Name:Traffic Signs Recognition Project In Python With Source Code
AbstractTraffic Signs Recognition Python OpenCV – is a technology by which a vehicle is able to recognize the traffic signs put on the road.
Language/s Used:Python Deep Learning
Python version (Recommended):3.8/3.9
Type:Desktop Application
Developer:Source Code Hero
Traffic Signs Recognition Project In Python – Project Information

Traffic Signs Recognition Using CNN & Keras In Python : About the project

There are various different types of traffic signs such as speed restrictions, no entry, traffic signals, turn left or right, children crossing, no passing of heavy trucks, etc. This 2022 Traffic Signs Recognition Using CNN & Keras In Python was made using Python Programming with CNN & Keras. The process of determining which class a traffic sign belongs to is known as traffic sign classification.

We will develop a deep neural network model that can classify traffic signs present in an image into multiple categories as an example of a Traffic Signs Recognition Python project. We can read and understand traffic signs using our model, which is a critical duty for all autonomous vehicles.

This Traffic Signs Recognition In Python also includes a downloadable Python Project With Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

By the way, if you are new to python programming and you don’t have any idea what Python IDE to use, I have here a list of Best Python IDE for Windows, Linux, Mac OS for you. Additionally, I also have here How to Download and Install Latest Version of Python on Windows.

To start executing a Traffic Signs Recognition OpenCV Python With Source Code, make sure that you have installed Python in your computer.

Traffic Signs Recognition Using CNN & Keras In Python With Source Code : Steps on how to run the project

Time needed: 5 minutes.

These are the steps on how to run Traffic Signs Recognition Using CNN & Keras In Python With Source Code

  • Step 1: Download Source Code

    First, download the provided source code below.
    traffic signs recognition download source code

  • Step 2: Extract File

    Next, after the download finished extract the zip file.
    traffic signs recognition extract file

  • Step 3: Import the project to your PyCharm IDE.

    Next, import the source code you’ve download to your PyCharm IDE.
    traffic signs recognition open project

  • Step 4: Install all Libraries.

    Next, install all libraries given below.
    traffic signs recognition install libraries

  • Step 5: Open cmd.

    Next, click the folder directory of the project and type cmd.
    traffic signs recognition open cmd

  • Step 6: Run Project.

    last, run the project with the command “py”
    traffic signs recognition run project

Download Source Code below


In this Python project with source code, we have successfully classified the traffic signs classifier with 95% accuracy and also visualized how our accuracy and loss changes with time, which is pretty good from a simple CNN model.


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  1. one file is in this code traffic_classifier.h5 please can you provide me which classifier is use to classify the dataset. and plz give me that code. how to create this .h5 file. This code give me accurate result. Thank you


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