Use Case Diagram For Online Food Ordering System

Use Case Diagram for Online Food Ordering System – shows the UML illustration of use cases in the project. The use cases in the diagram represents the main processes in Online Food Ordering System. After that, it will be broken down into more specific use cases based on the processes that are part of the main use case. So, in this article you will know the Use Case Diagram for Online Food Ordering System with its general use case and its specific use cases.

To start with, let us know what does a use case mean.

A use case diagram is a visual representation of how a user might interact with a program. A use case diagram depicts the system’s numerous use cases and different sorts of users. The circles or ellipses are used to depict the use cases.

Use Case Diagram Example for Online Food Ordering System Potential Features:

The features of the system depends on the users of it.

  • Monitor and Manage Customers’ Information and Status
  • Manage Food Offer Information
  • Manage Customer Order transaction
  • Records Sales and Delivery Records

By creating the use case diagram example for Online Food Ordering System, you must determine first the possible features to identify the flow of the system. After that you can now create the blueprint or core of the system function.

How to Create Use Case Diagram of Online Food Ordering System Using Include and Extend

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here are the use case diagrams on how to create a Use Case Diagram for Online Food Ordering System using Include and Extend. The Include and Extended are indications or labels used to determine the flow of processes inside the system. Moreover, the label include means that the following processes must be included to complete the task. While the extend means that the following process is optional.

  1. General Use Case

    Now I present to you the general use case of the Online Food Delivery System. This diagram shows the general processes or function that the system could do and is based on the transactions done by the system admin and the customer.ONLINE FOOD ORDERING SYSTEM USE CASE DIAGRAM

  2. Monitor and Manage Customers’ Information and Status

    This is where the admin the online food ordering system admin could manage and monitor their customers’ information and status. In this process they were able to track of the customers’ basic information such as contact number and address which were essential for online transaction or food deliveries.

  3. Manage Food Offer Information

    Its process includes the encoding of the food that they offer and that is available for deliveries. This process also monitors all of the food information related transaction such as the count of the food orders and the remaining available for order.

  4. Manage Customer Order Transaction

    This is the process where the admin will have to manage every transaction that has made by their customers as well as the delivery date, place and payment for the order. All the processes said were connected in this main process of the system and makes their works and services more manageable and fast.


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