Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System

Hi there Sourcecodeheros! Today I will give you ideas about the  Online Shopping System Project Use Case Diagram Description for 2022. This article discusses the meaning of the Online Shopping System project UML as well as its use case diagram using include and extend. By the end of the discussion you will find the downloadable use case diagram PDF file for Online Shopping System that can be your basis.

To start with, let us know what does a use case mean.

What is Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System?

Use case diagrams Online Shopping System are intended to provide a high-level view of the subject system to all stakeholders, including clients and project managers, as well as developers and engineers, and to communicate the highest level system requirements in non-technical terms.

The use case diagram are usually referred to as behavior diagram used to describe the actions of all user in a system.
All user shown in use case are actors and the functionality as action of system. A use case is also often accompanied by other diagrams, as well. Circles or ellipses are used to depict the use cases.

Use-case diagrams describe a system’s high-level functions and scope. These diagrams also show how the system and its actors interact with one another. In use-case diagrams, the use cases and actors describe what the system does and how the actors interact with it, but not how the system operates internally.

What is the Purpose of Online Shopping Use Case Diagram?

The purpose of Online Shopping Use Case Diagram is to model what the system should do (What) without thinking about how it should do it (How) yet, and to look at how the system is used from the user’s point of view (External View) instead of from the system’s point of view (Internal View) (implementation of these features).

Use Case diagrams consist of only four major components:

  • The actors with whom the system you describe interacts:
  • The actual system (system boundary – the rectangle)
  • The use cases or services that the system is capable of performing, and
  • The lines (links) that represent these elements’ relationships.

Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping Website Features:

The Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping Website features on the depends on the users of the system.

  • Manage Customers’ Information
  • Monitor and Manage Products Info and Status
  • Manage Sellers Information and Status
  • Manage Orders and Deliveries

By creating the use case of the Online Shopping System, you must determine first the possible features to identify the flow the project. After that, you can start making the system’s blueprint, or the core of how it works.

Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System

Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System now presenting to you the general use case of the Online Shopping System. This diagram shows the general processes or function that the system could do that is based on the activities done by the shopping admin, customers and sellers in the system.

  1. General Use Case Diagram

Generally this general use case is the most common application of a use case diagram. The use case diagrams depict the system’s main components as well as the flow of information between them.

Steps on how to create Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System With Explanation

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Here are the Steps on how to create Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System using Include and Extend 2022.

  1. Manage Customers’ Information of Online Shopping System

    This is where the admin or the main user of the system could control the users/customers that could access the system.
    As you can see the customer should have their information encoded to the system. The system then will monitor its details to validate it and then saves the data.

  2. Manage Products Info and Status

    In this use case diagram of Online Shopping, the admin will monitor products for a given category to present to clients. Monitoring includes encoding products from sellers, updating product status, and tracking orders and deliveries to customers.MANAGE SELLERS AND PRODUCT

  3. Manage Orders and Deliveries

    This process illustrates how data from customers’ requests for orders up to delivery is processed. These details include the date of reservation or order, the quantity of items purchased, the price per item, the total payment, and the delivery date.MANAGE ORDERS AND DELIVERIES USE CASE DIAGRAM

Use Case Diagram for Online Shopping System PDF

By clicking the button below, you can download the PDF file. It contains complete details and a discussion of the system’s use case diagram. You can also change its content to meet the requirements and needs of your project.


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