Use Case Diagram for Railway Reservation System

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This article discusses the meaning of the Railway Reservation System project UML as well as its use case diagram using include and extend.

What is Use Case Diagram for Railway Reservation System?

The Use Case for Railway Reservation is usually referred to as behavior diagram used to describe the actions of all user in a system.

All user shown in use case are actors and the functionality as action of system. A use case is also often accompanied by other diagrams, as well. Circles or ellipses are used to depict the use cases.

Railway Reservation System Potential Actors:

Who are the Potential Actors of Use Case Diagram of Online Railway Reservation System ?

By creating the of Use Case Diagram of Online Railway Reservation System , you need to figure out first the possible features to identify the flow the project might be in the Online Railway Reservation System use case diagram. This will help you figure out how the project will work. As soon as that is done, you can start making the system’s “blueprint.” The blueprint is the system’s “core.”

The following are the potential Actors:
Super Admin
System User
Ticket Agent

Features :

  • Manage and Monitor Train
  • Manages Ticket
  • Manage Booking and Reservation
  • Manage Customer Information
  • Make and Manage Payment
  • Monitor Train Route
  • Manage Train Schedule
  • Manage Users and Full Application
  • Search Vacant Seats

How to Draw Use Case Diagram for Railway System

Time needed: 3 minutes

Steps :

  1. General Use Case Diagram

    Now I present to you the general use case of the Railway Reservation System. This diagram shows the general processes or function a system could do that is based on the activities done by the admin, user, customers and ticket Agent in the system.

  2. Use Case Diagram for Railway Reservation

    Managing customer information is a use case diagram that shows how the main user of the system can control who can use the system and who can’t.
    So, you can see that the customer should be able to add their information to the system. The system will then check its details to make sure they are correct, and then it will save the data.MANAGE CUSTOMER INFORMATION USE CASE DIAGRAM

Example of Use Case Diagram for Railway System with Explanation

1. Manages Booking of Railway Reservation System

This part of the process talks about the customers’ bookings and the services they chose when they made a reservation. The cost and payment method of the reservation will be kept track of. A database keeps track of receipts and inventory, as well as keeps track of what’s in the store. When the reservation or service is over, it is recorded in the database.


2. Manage Railways Reservation Ticket

This is the part where the admin has to keep track of which tickets people can reserve and which ones have already been used by other people. These things were important to know when you were making a reservation. In order to keep track of the customer service that the rail company provides, it is also important to keep the list up to date.


3. Manage Information and Status of Trains

This is where the admin manages whether or not a train is available for reservation. These details were required to minimize booking conflicts and to keep track of the railway’s customer service.


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