Activity Diagram for Hospital Management System

The Activity Diagram for Hospital Management System is one of the UML diagrams created to help proponents understand how to design the system flow of control.

Further, when creating a diagram, it’s important to understand the flow of activities involved in hospital management.

Patients, physicians or nurses, and the hospital manager are the users of this Hospital Management System, and they are critical in the creation of the system UML diagram.

It will be lot easier for you to construct the interactions and activities in the system if you first determine who the system’s users are. Then you’ll be able to predict how the system will react to its user. As a result, you must be conscious that your system must be user-friendly and effective.

What is a UML Activity Diagram for a Hospital Management System?

The Hospital Management System must have an activity case diagram so that programmers may determine how the software should interact with its users. Because the activity diagram directs the programmer in the creation of the software and its required functionality. You must also complete the activity diagram if you want a friendly and effective or easy-to-use software.

You’ll be able to visualize the flow of activities and determine what interactions the system and its users should have using the activity diagram. By glancing at the activity diagram, your readers and users will be guided on how to use the system. As a result, it’s better if you use an activity diagram to express your opinions about the system.

Activity Diagram Symbols:

Now, before we begin creating the Hospital Management System project, you must first understand the symbols that will be used. The symbols used in the Activity Diagram are listed below.

Activity Diagram Symbols
Activity Diagram Symbols

Swimlanes, actors, and arrows are used in the diagram to clearly define the interaction between users and the hospital system. Swimlanes are used in this activity diagram to show how the system responds to users when they submit a transaction or a request on the hospital system.

To avoid misunderstandings, you must be familiar with these symbols in order to determine what should be included in the drawing. This is also to familiarize you with the activity diagram symbols so that you and your users can understand how the system works.

Furthermore, being familiar with these activity diagram symbols can assist you in illustrating the specific pieces and interactions that should occur as you create the System. Then you’ll be able to come up with good suggestions for how to construct the system you want.

This is a Hospital Management System Activity UML diagram that depicts the flow of information between the activities of Medicines, Patients, Nurses, Hospitals, and Doctors. The following are the primary activities depicted in this UML Activity Diagram of a Hospital Management:

  • Medicines Activity
  • Patient Activity
  • Nurse Activity
  • Hospital Activity
  • Doctor Activity

Features Of The Activity UML Diagram Of Hospital Management

  • Admin User can search Medicines, view description of a selected Medicines, add Medicines, update Medicines and delete Medicines.
  • Its shows the activity flow of editing, adding and updating of Patient
  • User will be able to search and generate report of Nurse, Hospital, Doctor
  • All objects such as (Medicines, Patient, Doctor) are interlinked
  • Its shows the full description and flow of Medicines, Hospital, Doctor, Nurse, Patient
Hospital Management System Activity Diagram

Login Activity Diagram Of Hospital Management System:

This is the Hospital Management System’s Login Activity Diagram, which depicts the Login Activity flows, where admins will be able to log in using their username and password.

After logging in, the user can handle all nurse, medicine, patient, doctor, and hospital operations. Patient, Doctor, and Hospital pages are all safe, and users can access them after logging in. The diagram below demonstrates how a Hospital Management System’s login page works.

The numerous elements on the Doctor, Nurse, Medicines, Patient, and Hospital pages interact throughout the Activity, and users will be unable to access this page without first confirming their identification. In creating this activity diagram we used Lucidchart.


To summarize, we have discussed about the activity diagram for Hospital Management System, and how to create an activity diagram for hospital management and login.


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