Bank Management System Project in C with Source Code

The Bank Management System Project in C is a console-based system mainly made for students who wants to learn just how to write C programs that use functions, pointers, and arrays. However, if they want to create a small project, such as mini-games.

Moving on, this project, which we created as a mini-project for the C bank management system during our first semester, is finished and free of any errors. The project is titled “Account Bank Management System” because it focuses on account services in banks.

However, You can create a new account here, edit the details of an existing account, view and manage transactions, view the list of customers, and verify the details of an existing account.

What is Bank Management System?

In C, Bank Management System is a program that keeps track of a person’s bank account. The system allows customers to create accounts, deposit/withdraw money from their accounts, and view reports for all of their accounts.

Project Details and Technology

This section offers technical and project information for the system. Despite the fact that the project type is Desktop application, the database is stored as a.DAT file.

Project Name :Bank Management System
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C Programming Language
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Dev-C++/Codeblocks
Project Type :Desktop Application
Database:Stores data in .DAT file

What are the modules in bank management system?

Accounts Module: This module is in charge of all accounting processes. Saving Account Module: The Saving Account Module is used to keep track of your savings account.

Current Account Module: This module was created to help you manage your current account. Customer Module: This module is in charge of customer management.

What is the use of banking management system?

The Bank Management System (BMS) is a web-based tool that allows the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to pay financial institutions for services rendered.

BMS also has analytical tools that may be used to examine and approve pay, budgets, and outflows.

Who are the users at a bank?

This module allows internal (administrators) and external (customers) users of the bank to access channel banking (customers).

What are the importance of a banks accounting system?

Every year, banks are required to produce statutory accounts that reveal all of the company’s assets. The primary goal of financial accounting is to generate financial reports that educate external parties such as investors, creditors, tax authorities, and others about the bank’s performance.

Watch the video below to see the Bank Management System in C with Source Code in action.

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Major Functionalities Used in Bank Management System

This Bank Management System in with source code is easy and simple to comprehend. This project has been separated into many functions, the majority of which are related to various financial activities. Some of the most important functions are listed below to assist you better understand this project.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Functionalities Used in Bank Management System

  • Menu

    The menu function is used to display a menu where a user may do various banking operations, which are discussed in more detail below.

    In the image above it display the menu account of bank management system such as create new account, update information, transactions, check the details of existing account, removing existing account and cam view customers list.

  • Create New Account

    The new account function is used to create a new customer account in the system, which records information such as the client’s name, date of birth, citizenship number, address, and phone number. A costumer can also select their account type (current account or fixed account).
    Create New Account for Bank Management System

  • Update Information of Existing Account

    This function is used to customize or change a customer’s details in the system such as address and phone number of the clients.
    Before you can update the client information the system will ask you to enter your account number. After you put the account number the system will ask you if which information you need to change either the address or phone number.

    Update Information Account for Bank Management System in C

  • Transaction

    To deposit or withdraw money from a specific client account, use the transaction module. After you choose the transaction in the menu the system will ask your registered account number, then after you put your account number it will direct you in two options either will you choose deposit or withdraw.
    Transaction for Bank Management System in C

  • Check the Details of Existing Account

    To Check the details of existing account the system will ask if do you want to check by account number or by your name.
    After you choose the system will ask your registered account number. Then after you put your account number it will show your complete information.
    Check the details for Bank Management System in C

  • View Customer’s List

    The view customer module is used to display client information such name, address, and phone number and account number.
    View Client Information for Bank Management System in C

  • Removing Existing Account

    The remove module is used to remove client data or accounts from a database.
    Delete Information for Bank Management System in C

Download Source Code Here!


You can log in to your account, make a deposit, withdraw money, check your balance, see a list of account holders, close or change an account, and exit. I recommend using the DEV C++ editor for C programming. It has the ability to both compile and execute code.

For a bank system, file handling has been used for nearly all functions in this C project. Information related to newly created accounts, transactions, the modification of account information, and reading of account information has all been stored in a file. File handling has not been used for the menu, interest calculation, or password.


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