CRUD Operation In Django With Source Code

In Django, CRUD operation stands for (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) data from a database. In addition, CRUD is one that used to get data into and out of a database.

What is Crud Operation?

The CRUD Operation in Django stands for (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). And it refers to the four main types of SQL statements.

Why is CRUD important?

Most full stack applications perform crud operations in a web application.

For example, if we’re constructing a store front, blog posting page, todo list or social media clone, with CRUD create activities we’ll get stuck pretty quickly.

This is served as a backbone of all programming language, it can be used in many html tags such as form tag, input type, body html, and head body.

In addition you can easily create URL patterns, templates folder, import render to redirect and view all functions.

Where is CRUD used?

In computer programming create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) are the four basic operations of persistent storage.

The CRUD is another term for user interface patterns that make it easier to view, search, and change data using computer-based forms and reports.

Project Details and Technology

The data and technologies required to run this system are listed in the table below.

The project name is crud operation, and Python 3.9 is the recommended version.

The database is SQLite3, and the programming language is Python Django.

This project, which is a web application, was produced by Source Code Hero and just add the following code to your project or download it below.

Project Name:CRUD App
Language/s Used:Python Django
Python version (Recommended):3.9
Type:Web Application

Definition of terms for CRUD App

  • Create – Sending HTTP POST queries to the API creates resources. The kind of resource is decided by the URL of the request. A JSON object describing the resource to create should be included in the body of the request.
  • Read – Resources are retrieved by performing HTTP GET queries. There are two major approaches to retrieve resources. Requesting a list of resources is the first method, while requesting a single resource is the second method.
  • Update – HTTP PATCH requests to the URL where the resource is located are used to make updates. When a PATCH request is made, the request body’s properties are read, and if the resource has a property with the same name, the resource’s property is updated to the new value.
  • Delete – By making an HTTP DELETE request to the resource’s URL, the resource can be erased. This is the resource’s id in the form of a URL.

Watch the video below to see the CRUD Operation in Django in action.

A Django Python CRUD project is a simple web-based project that is straightforward to comprehend and use. Inside the database, the user can Create, Update, and Delete Their Date. This Python Django CRUD Tutorial is suitable for those who are new to Python Django.


To begin, we’ll create a new Django project. All of the configurations may be done via the command line, and editors such as VS Code, Pycharm, and others can use their terminals or git-bash to do so.

Python should be installed on the machine, as well as an editor (VS Code, Pycharm, Sublime Text, Atom, or any other editor you’re familiar with)

Major Functionalities Used in CRUD Operation in Django

Features of CRUD Operation in admin side:

  • Add Information – The user can enter their “firstname” and “lastname” information into the database using this feature.
  • Update Information – The user can “edit” or “update” their information in the database using this capability.
  • Delete Information – With this function, users can “delete” or “remove” their added data from the database.
  • Display Information – Using this capability, the system will display all of the data stored in the database.

Features of CRUD App in Django in frontend side:

  • Crud – In this method, which is the main method of the system project, you may execute operations such as “Create,” “Read,” “Update,” and “Delete,” as well as find the template design of a website in HTML and CSS.
  • Web – When you run the project, this method is the direct destination.

The Steps to Run a CRUD

Time needed: 3 minutes

These are the step’s to run a CRUD App Project in Django

  1. pip install virtualenv

    First, You need to install the virtualenv, Open a command prompt by going to the project folder directory and typing CMD. After opening the CMD type ” pip install virtualenv “.

  2. virtualenv env

    Then, after installing virtualenv just type “virtualenv env” and enter.
    Virtual env in CRUD App In Django With Source Code

  3. cd env/Scripts

    Next, just type ” cd env/Scripts ” and press enter.

  4. activate

    Next, you need to type “activate” then press enter.

  5. cd ../..

    Next, after you activate just type the command “cd../..

  6. Install Django

    Next, type the command “pip install django”.

  7. python makemigrations

    Next, after installing the requirements type this command ” python makemigrations ” to create a tables in the database.
    make migrations in CRUD App In Django With Source Code

  8. python migrate –run-syncdb

    Next, after making migrations type this command ” python migrate –run-syncdb ” to migrate the tables in database.
    migrate in CRUD App In Django With Source Code

  9. python createsuperuser

    After migration of database you need to create super user to login in the admin account, just you need is to type the command ” python createsuperuser “.
    super user in CRUD App In Django With Source Code

  10. python runserver

    Lastly, after creating super user just type the command ” python runserver “. It should only be used for testing and launching your project; it should not be utilized for live website deployment.
    runserver in CRUD App In Django With Source Code


    Finally, To access your project dashboard, type or copy this “” into your browser.

Download Source Code Here!


In conclusion, this CRUD operation in Django can be beneficial to students or professionals interested in learning the python Django programming language. This project can also be customized to meet your specific needs. I hope that this project will assist you in honing your talents.

This is how you make a CRUD Operation in Django, You can always expand and attempt alternative ways to implement the CRUD operation. This is free to download and easily to install the app and use for educational purposes only. It is simple to comprehend and manipulate.


If you have any questions or suggestions about CRUD Operation in Django, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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