Fees Management System Project In PHP With Source Code

The Fees Management System Project In PHP is a fully functional web-based system that covers all of the elements that IT students and Computer-related courses will require for their college projects.

The system simply keeps track of the student’s records in regard to their school fees.

This Fee Management System PHP is useful for learning new skills and practicing web application development.

Also, this system is quite useful, and the concept and logic of the project are simple to grasp.

The source code is open source and free to use. Simply scroll down and click the download option.

Project Output

How Fees Management System Project In PHP Works?

The Fee Management System In PHP simply works by keeping track of and recording student fees. In addition, the system lists all of the available students along with their classes. Additionally, the system allows for the addition of parent records.

Admin and Parents Panel are the two sections of the project. A parent’s account has limited access to the system, according to an overview of this web application. Parents can easily examine their child’s payment history as well as information about their school.

He or she can see the session’s total fee charge and check the payment status. However, the parents are unable to keep up with the payments for their children. The system also shows the payment date and the expiration date in the detail.

The importance of Fees Management System Project In PHP?

The importance of the Fees Management System In PHP is that they assist in collecting fees, issuing receipts, and generating and maintaining reports, to name a few things.

All of this means that your management will be trouble-free, a lot more convenient, and paper-free. In a word, such a system, regardless of how you look at it, makes your life a lot easier.

Beneficiaries of Fees Management System?

  • School

Why you need to have a Fees Management System Project?

This Fee Management System In PHP Source Code. Every educational institution now needs an effective and computerized fee management system.

A subpar solution might cause a slew of issues in custom settings, reports, and management. In today’s world, every educational institution requires a dependable and efficient fee and financial management system.

Project Details and Technology

Project Name:Fees Management System Project In PHP
Abstract :This Fees Management System simplifies the work loads in terms of the payments of every student in the school.
Language/s Used:PHP
PHP version (Recommended):5.6.3
Type:Website, Web Application
Developer:Glenn Magada Azuelo
Fees Management System Project In PHP – Project Information

This Fees Management System In PHP  also includes a downloadable Source Code, simply locate and click the downloadable Button below to begin downloading.

To start executing this Project In PHP With Source Code make sure that you have a sublime or any platform of PHP and MySQL installed in your computer.

Steps On How To Run The Fees Management System Project In PHP

Time needed: 5 minutes

These are the steps on how to run the project Fee Management System Project in PHP With Source Code.

  • Step 1: Download Source Code

    First, find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading the source code file.
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  • Step 2: Copy Project Folder

    Next, copy the project folder and paste it to C:\xampp\htdocs.
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  • Step 3: Extract File

    Next, after finished to download the file, go to file location and right click the file and click
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  • Step 4: Open Xampp

    Next, open Xampp and start the Apache and MySQL.
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  • Step 5 : Create Database

    Next, click any browser and type to the URL localhost/phpmyadmin and create database.

  • Step 6: Import Database

    Next, click the created database and click import to the right tab and click choose file and import the sql file inside the download folder.

  • Step 7 : Execute Project

    Final, type to the URL localhost/schoolfees/

Downloadable Source Code Here!

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As a result, this System is a fundamental project for all starting and intermediate PHP users interested in learning more about PHP web applications.

Finally, the complete PHP project is an absolute project with open-source code, and it is a good approach for users to learn more about it.

I hope that this Project With Source Code Using PHP MySQL will assist you in finding what you are searching for and that you will learn something helpful from it for future projects.

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