Component Diagram for School Management System

Hi! Good day, In this article we will discuss how to create the school management system component diagram. The school management system shows the module components such as account registration, teacher module, course module, student module and school module.

The system has a database to control the system’s security. The diagram type used in the school system is the component diagram.

The Component Diagram for school system shows and describes the setup of system’s physical components.

Diagrams, Creators and Tools Used

The table below shows the article name which is Component Diagram for School Management. The second is the diagram type which is component diagram. While the UML tool used is star UML thus the creator of this component diagram for the school management system article is

Article NameComponent Diagram for School Management System
Diagram TypeComponent Diagram
UML Tool UsedStar UML

Illustration of School Management System Components Diagram

The example illustration below is the component diagram of the school system. The illustration shows on how school management system works and the function of the database to control the security of the system.


Characteristics of Component Diagram School System

  • It’s a web-based development component.
  • It’s used to illustrate the system which is service oriented architecture(SOA).
  • It shows the code’s function.
  • It shows the relationship between the parts yet it hides the specifics.
  • It shows on how the users understand the system, how to use and how the system was created.

School System Component Diagram Benefits

It looks very difficult, but the component diagram is important when you’re creating your
system. Because it shows on how all functions work together. These are the benefits of creating the
school system component diagram:

• How the system looks alike in a real-life situation.
• How they work everything.
• How the service works when it comes to the user graphical interface.

Module of Component Diagram School Management

  • Account Registration Module
  • Teacher Module
  • School Module
  • Course Module
  • Student Module

Features of Component Diagram School System

  • It shows the model function of school management system component diagram.
  • It shows the database schema model.
  • It shows the executable models application.


In conclusion, We already discussed the module components and the tools used and the creation of the diagram. We also discussed the features and characteristics of school management system component diagrams.

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