Hangman Game JavaScript with Source Code

In JavaScript, Hangman Game is a word (guessing game) which one player should have to pick a secret words, then the other player would have to try to guess what is the secret word that pick up by the other player.

Furthermore, once the player has an incorrect guess they will be hang. The game was provide a minimum of 6 guesses until the end of the game.

What is Hangman Game?

The Hangman Game JavaScript is a web-based system created and designed to HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS).

This simple game was designed to IT students who wish to learn more about JavaScript game, this will served as a fundamental guide to your journey as a JavaScript developer.

This project is open source and also includes a downloadable source code below just scroll down and download it.

Why Hangman Game important?

The Hangman Game is important because it is a great way to stimulate learning a foreign language, especially when it comes to teaching vocabulary.

This game entails guessing letters in order to reveal a word or phrase.

A character onscreen is (hanged) after a certain number of incorrect guesses. The hanging can take a variety of forms.

What is the advantages of Hangman Game?

According to some research studies, the Hangman game can improve:

  • Student can master and understand the meaning of words.
  • Student can master how to spell the exact words.
  • Student can master how to pronounce correctly.
  • Student can master the words based on the given context.

Project Details and Technology

Project Name:Hangman Game JavaScript with Source Code
AbstractThe Hangman Game JavaScript is a type of guessing game. The first player thinks of a word, phrase, or sentence, and the second player tries to guess it by suggesting letters.
Language/s Used:JavaScript
JavaScript version (Recommended):ES2015
Type:Web Application
Developer:Source Code Hero

To begin constructing Hangman Game JavaScript , make sure you have any platform for creating JavaScript, bootstrap, and HTML installed on your computer; in my instance, I’ll be using Sublime Text.

Steps how to run the project

Time needed: 3 minutes.

  • Step 1: Download Source Code

    To get started, find the downloaded source code file below and click to start downloading it.

    Hangman Game Javascript

  • Step 2: Extract File

    Navigate to the file’s location when you’ve finished downloading it and right-click it to extract it.

    Hangman Game Javascript extract

  • Step 3: Run the project

    click the index.html inside the folder to start executing the project.
    Hangman Game Javascript index

Download Source Code below


For those Web developers interested in learning more about web apps, this system is a fully functional project designed for you to practice and served as you guide.

This Article is the way to enhance and develop our skills and logic ideas which is important in practicing the JavaScript Scripting language which is most well known and most usable programming language in many company.


If you have any questions or comments on the project, please leave a comment below.

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