DFD for Restaurant Management System

DFD diagram for restaurant management system a data flow diagram is frequently used as a preliminary step to create an overview of banking without going into great detail, which can then be elaborated. It typically consists of overall application dataflow and restaurant processes.

A data flow diagram (DFD) represents the information flow for any process or system. It shows data inputs, outputs, storage points, and the routes between each destination using defined symbols such as rectangles, circles, and arrows, as well as short text labels.

DFD of Restaurant Management System: Project Name and Details

Name:DFD of Restaurant Management System (Dataflow Diagram)
Abstract:The DFD of Restaurant Management System shows the structure of the project in terms of its data management. It contains the important details on the flow of data and alternatives present in the project.
Diagram:DFD also known as Data Flow Diagram
Users:Customer, Restaurant Crew, and Restaurant Admin
Tools Used:Diagraming tools that provides data flow diagram symbols.
DFD of Restaurant Management System: Project Name and Details

What is DFD of Restaurant Management System

DFD of Restaurant Management System describes the processes that occur in a system to transfer data from the input to file storage and to generate reports. In addition, there are two types of data flow diagrams: logical and physical. Moreover, the logical data flow diagram depicts the flow of data through a system to perform specific business functions.

It is actually a type of software that allows restaurant managers to manage and accept orders placed over the Internet or in the restaurant. On the other hand, Data-flow diagrams (DFD) quickly gained popularity as a means of visualizing the major steps and data involved in software-system processes. DFDs were typically used to depict data flow in a computer system, but they could theoretically be used to model business processes as well.

The DFD (Data Flow Diagram) of Restaurant management systems  depicts the overall of flow of data inside the system. Its focus is in the movement of data that enters and exits the system.

Why Data flow Diagram DFD of Restaurant Management System is Important?

The most importance function of Data flow Diagram DFD Restaurant System that it helps the audience in understanding what is happening in the application. Also how the system manages its data at different levels of detail.

The Data Flow Diagram Levels importance has their roles in emphasizing the Restaurant Management System Data Flow Diagram. Furthermore, the Level 0 or Context Diagram presents the single and main process of System as well as the main users and the data, whereas the Data Flow Diagram Level 1 and 2 portrays specific process and sub processes and the detailed movement of data.

What is 0 level for Restaurant Management System DFD?

What is 0 level for Restaurant Management System DFD?

Zero Level Data flow Diagram (0 Level DFD) it shows how the high-level process of banking works. Furthermore, it gives a general idea of the whole Restaurant Management System or process that is being studied or modeled.

Context diagram (0 level DFD) represents the system’s general process with external entities into single node. It shows the overall structure with labeled arrows indicating the input and output data. In addition, its illustration shows the main process (represented by a box), the external entities and the data flow inside the system.

What is Level 1 DFD for Restaurant Management System DFD?

What is Level 1 DFD for Restaurant Management System DFD?

First Level DFD (1st Level) Restaurant Management System is broken into subsystems (processes) that each deal with one or more data flows to or from an outside agent. These subsystems together provide all of the functionality of the whole system.

A level 1 DFD describes each of the major sub-processes that comprise the entire system. Similarly, a level 1 DFD can be thought of as a “exploded view” of the context diagram. It basic system modules and data flow among various modules Level 1 DFD also mentions fundamental processes and information sources.

In a 1-level DFD, the context diagram is broken down into many bubbles or processes. In this level, we show you how the system works and break down the high-level process of 0-level DFD into smaller parts.

How to Draw the 0, 1, 2 level DFD of Restaurant System

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here how to Draw the 0, 1, 2 level DFD of Restaurant Management System Project. To repeat, it is data flow diagram which is a graphical view of how data is processed in a system in terms of input and output.

  1. Context Diagram

    In this data flow diagram you will see the general process done in application. You can see the main function of the project, it primary users (external entities) and data flow (labeled arrows).


  2. Restaurant Management System DFD Level 1

    You’ll see in the illustration that the data processes and flow broadens while the external entities stays the same. That is because the revealed external entities were the targeted users when the project is done.

  3. DFD for Restaurant Management System Level 2

    The presented level not only shows you the detailed processes of system, but also gives you precise destination of the data that flows in the system. This DFD diagrams will also be your references as you make your own DFD levels 0, 1 and 2.



It is very important for you to know the diagrams that used to design and build the Data Flow Diagram DFD Restaurant Management. That is to help you build a fully-functioning system with the help of DFD, so that you can use it.

Creating a DFD will help you see what inputs and outputs the system needs to process and transform. Not only that, but you can also connect its diagram to other diagrams,


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