How To Insert Multiple Values in MySQL using PHP Source Code

What is Insert Multiple Values in MySQL?

How To Insert Multiple Values in MySQL, you can also use the VALUES syntax with the INSERT statement to add multiple rows at once.

This is called a bulk insert statement. To do this, put several lists of column values inside parentheses and separate each list with commas.

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Importance of Insert multiple data in MySQL?

Importance of Insert multiple data in MySQL

If you want to add many rows from the same client at the same time, use INSERT statements with multiple VALUES lists. This is a lot faster (sometimes many times faster) than using separate INSERT statements for each row.

What is the purpose of the MySQL command insert?

What is the purpose of the MySQL command insert

With the INSERT command, you can put new information into a table. As soon as the command is run, MySql will add a new row. Single quotes should go around the values for the date and string. There is no need to put quotes around the numbers.

How to Insert Multiple Rows in MySQL using PHP Dynamically: Basic Procedure

  • After the INSERT INTO keywords, you must first say the name of the table you want to insert into.
  • Second, put column names in parenthesis after the table name.
  • Third, use the VALUES clause to give a list of row data separated by commas. Each item in the list stands for a row.

About the Project

A completely functional project based on the Insert Multiple Values in MySQL that was constructed in PHP and comes with the source code. This project takes use of the PHP programming language as well as the MySQL database.

Moreover, The PHP project below has all the necessary components that second-year IT students can use for their academic assignments. It contains a variety of tools that let users regulate the student results according to grading standards.

Project Details and Technology

Project Name:How To Insert Multiple Values in MySQL source code
AbstractThis how to insert multiple rows in MySQL in one query is a functional project that add data in just one executing query.
Language/s Used:PHP, JAVASCRIPT
PHP version (Recommended):PHP Version 5.6, 7.4
Type:Web Application
Developer:Tedted Enoria

To start executing this project, make sure that you have any platform of code editor installed in your computer.

Steps to run the system

Time needed: 5 minutes

  • Step 1: Download Source Code

    To begin, locate the downloaded source code file below and click to begin downloading it.
    How To Insert Multiple Values in MySQL DOWNLOAD

  • Step 2: Extract File

    After you’ve completed downloading the file, navigate to its location and right-click it to extract it.

    How To Insert Multiple Values in MySQL extract

  • Step 3: Copy Project Folder

    After that, copy the project folder to C:xampphtdocs.
    How To Insert Multiple Values in MySQL folder

  • Step 4: Open Xampp

    After that, start apache and MySQL with xampp.
    How To Insert Multiple Values in MySQL xampp

  • Step 5: Create Database

    Next, open any browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin into the address bar to create a database.

  • Step 6: import database file

  • Step 7: run system

    finally, go to your browser and start type “localhost/you project name

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For those Web developers interested in learning more about web apps, this system is a fully functional project.


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