Live Sketch OpenCV Python With Source Code

Live Sketch OpenCV Python – Sketching is usually a required aspect of an art student’s curriculum.

Making sketches (croquis) from a live model whose pose varies every few minutes is a common example. The sketch is used by most visual artists to capture or work out ideas, to a greater or lesser extent.

Importance of Live Sketch Python OpenCV

Life drawing is crucial because it helps you to understand the human figure and how different body parts move together as a single unit, such as hips and shoulders moving simultaneously.

Live Sketch In Python: Project Details and Technology

Project Name:Live Sketch Project In Python With Source Code
AbstractLive Sketch Python OpenCV is usually a required aspect of an art student’s curriculum.
Language/s Used:Python Deep Learning
Python version (Recommended):3.8/3.9
Type:Desktop Application
Developer:Source Code Hero
Live Sketch Project In Python – Project Information

Live Sketch OpenCV Python: About the project

This 2022 Live Sketch OpenCV Python was created with Python OpenCV. In this project, we’ll create a real-time/live sketching script in Python using OpenCV. OpenCV makes working with photos and movies on the computer a breeze.

A Live Sketch is a program that displays a live drawing of your camera feed. NumPy and OpenCV will be used in this project. This live sketch program will also make use of Numpy and Matplotlib.

This Live Sketch In Python also includes a downloadable Python Project With Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

To start executing a Live Sketch OpenCV Python With Source Code, make sure that you have installed Python on your computer.

Live Sketch OpenCV Python With Source Code: Steps on how to run the project

Time needed: 5 minutes

These are the steps on how to run Live Sketch OpenCV Python With Source Code

  • Step 1: Download Source Code

    First, download the provided source code below.
    live sketch download source code

  • Step 2: Extract File

    Next, after the download finished extract the zip file.
    live sketch extract file

  • Step 3: Import the project to your PyCharm IDE.

    Next, import the source code you’ve download to your PyCharm IDE.
    live sketch open project

  • Step 4: Install all Libraries.

    Next, install all libraries given below.
    live sketch import libraries

  • Step 5: Open cmd.

    Next, click the folder directory of the project and type cmd.
    live sketch open cmd

  • Step 6: Run Project.

    last, run the project with the command “py”
    live sketch run project

Download the Source Code below


This article aims to implement a Computer Vision model that generates a Live Video Sketch of the real-time footage of a Webcam.

Implementing a Computer Vision model that creates a live video sketch of real-time webcam video. The source code is written in Python and the model is based on OpenCV.

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