Component Diagram For Attendance Management System

Hi Good day! In this article we will learn on how to create the attendance management system component diagram with the help of illustrations.

We will also discuss the components module, characteristics and benefits of the component diagram of attendance management system.

Tools Used and Details

The table below shows the name of the article which is Component Diagram for Attendance Management System. The Star UML is the UML tool used for creating the attendance management diagram. thus, for the creator of a component diagram is the SOURCECODEHERO.

Article NameComponent Diagram for Attendance Management System
Diagram TypeComponent Diagram
UML Tool UsedStar UML

What is component diagram?

A component diagram is used for visualizing and organizing the relationship in the system. The attendance system’s component diagram is used to demonstrate how the system’s parts interact effectively.

Attendance Management System Components Module

  • Student Module
  • Employee Module
  • Holiday Module
  • Leave Module
  • Absent Module
  • Present Module

Attendance System Characteristics

  • They describe systems with a service-oriented architecture in component-based development.
  • It can be used to emphasize the relationship between the parts while hiding the details relationship.

Illustration Component Diagram of Attendance Management System

The structure, provided interface, and required interface are illustrated in the diagram below. You must use the connection name component realization to connect the component module. The symbol interface is required to access data information. The interface realization and component realization must be connected from the modules to the system database.


How to create the Components Module for Attendance Management System?

Time needed: 3 minutes

These are the steps on how to create the Component Diagram for Credit Card Processing System

  • Finish the process and function of the system

    First, to create the Credit Card Processing diagram you need to finish the process and function of the system. This task will assist the programmers in analyzing what is required to finish the Credit Card Processing.

  • Includes all the components needed

    Second, we need to include all the components needed for the system. It exchanges behavior with other elements in addition to user interfaces.

  • Add Components to make a connection

    Lastly, the dependencies ports can represent the relationship of component needs such as information and services. To make a connection we will need to show that one component can connect to another component.


In conclusion, we describe the characteristics and benefits of the attendance management system component diagrams. The meaning of component diagram and we also provide the example of attendance management diagram. Also we provide the steps on how to create the component diagram in attendance system.

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