ER Diagram for Inventory Management System

Hi! Today, I’ll share some thoughts on the simple ER diagram for the inventory management system.

This small database will also provide you with a thorough overview of the tables in the Inventory System database project.

This course will teach you how to administer an inventory reservation database and how to construct a database for an inventory system.

You will get the ER diagram for the inventory management system pdf and PPT files at the end of the talk, which will be useful for your DBMS studies.

What are included in this ER Diagram of Inventory Management System Database projects?

  • Inventory System Description with Features
  • Inventory system database tables
  • Schema diagram for Inventory system
  • ER Diagram Inventory Management System

Description of Inventory Management System Database:

  • The details of the Inventory are stored in the Inventory tables respective with all tables.
  • Each entity (Supplier, Purchasing, Payment, Customer, Inventory) contains primary key and unique keys.
  • The entity Purchasing, Payment has binded with Inventory, Customer entities with foreign key.
  • There is one-to-one and one-to-many relationships available between Payment, Stock, Supplier, Inventory.
  • All the entities Inventory, Payment, Purchasing, Supplier are normalized and reduce duplicacy of records . We have implemented indexing on each tables of Inventory Management tables for fast query execution.

ERD Inventory Management System Structure Description

This inventory management system ER Diagram may also be used to keep track of product quantity, price entity, and the item that has to be ordered from the motorcycle replacement parts supplier in order to maintain efficient stock levels.

Inventory Management System Entities and their Attributes:

  • Inventory Entity Attributes of Inventory are inventory_id, inventory_items, inventory_number, inventory_type, inventory_description
  • Customer Entity : Attributes of Customer are customer_id, customer_name, customer_mobile, customer_email, customer_username, customer_password, customer_address
  • Purchasing Entity : Attributes of Purchasing are purchase_id, purchase_customer_id, purchase_amount, purchase_type, purchase_total, purchase_recepit, purchase_bill, purchase_description
  • Stock Entity : Attributes of Stock are stock_id, stock_items, stock_number, stock_type, stock_description
  • Payment Entity : Attributes of Payment are payment_id, payment_customer_id, payment_date, payment_amount, payment_description
  • Supplier Entity : Attributes of Supplier are supplier_id, supplier_name, supplier_mobile, supplier_email, supplier_username, supplier_password, supplier_address

Inventory Management System Features

  • Manage users to Add, Update, and Delete the transactions.
  • It helps to monitor the product quantity and products to be ordered from the supplier to have an efficient stock operation.
  • It can help to keep the security and information in the database.
  • To enhance sales productivity and easy to add, list, edit, and organize the product.
  • It helps to monitor the product quantity and products to be ordered from the supplier to have an efficient stock operation.

Inventory Management System Database Tables

The tables below provide the complete database table details such as Field Name, Descriptions, data types, and character lengths.

Table Name: tbl_costumer

Field Name  DescriptionTypeLength
Costumer_no(pk)  Costumer numberInt11
Costumer_idCostumer id  int11
Firstname  First namevarchar50
Lastname  Last namevarchar50
Phone_number  Phone numbervarchar50
Email  Email addressvarchar50
Address  Addressvarchar50
Customer Table

Table Name. tbl_order

Field Name  DescriptionTypeLength
Oder_id(pk)  Order idint11
Product_id  Product idint11
Quantity  Quantityint11
Price  Priceint11
Subtotal  Subtotalint11
Costumer_id  Costumer idint11
Order Table

Table Name: tbl_product

Field NameDescriptionTypeLength  
Product_id(pk)  Product idint11
Product_name  Product namevarchar50
Brand  Product Brandvarchar50
Quantity  Quantityvarchar11
Price     Price             int11
           SubtotalSubtotal  int11
Product Table

Table Name. tbl_transaction

Field Name  DescriptionTypeLength
Transaction_no(pk)  Transaction numberint11
User_id  User idint11
Costumer_id  Costumer idint11
Date  DateDate20
Quantity  Quantityvarchar50
Total amount  Total amountint11
Transaction Table

Table Name: tbl_useraccount

Field Name  DescriptionTypeLength
User_id(pk)  User idint11
Username  User namevarchar50
Password  User passwordvarchar50
User Account Table

Table Name: tbl_userdetail

Field Name  DescriptionTypeLength  
User_id(pk)  User idint11
First_name  First name  varchar50
Last_name  Last name  varchar50
Position  Position  varchar50
Age  Age  int11
Gender  Gender  varchar20
Contact_number  Contact numbervarchar11
Email  emailvarchar50
Add_idAddress id  int11
User Detail Table

Entity Relationship Diagram of Inventory Management System

Entity Relationship Diagram Symbols

ER Diagram Symbols

ER Diagram of Inventory Management System with Relationship

The inventory management system database design shows the system entity relationships in each entity and their supposed functions in each relationship.

This section will show you the ER diagram for the sales and inventory management system. In the image below you see the actual relationship of all entities.

In creating this activity diagram we used a lucidchart.

ER Diagram for Inventory Management System with Relationship
ER Diagram Inventory System with Relationship

ER Diagram of Inventory Management System

The database design shown with tables in the inventory management diagram is shown in the image above.

The tables are designed to suit the system’s requirements and to provide considerably more detailed information about each entity within the system.


To summarize, we have discussed the ER diagram for the Inventory Management System, and above we have the system database tables and their relationships.

Also, you can visit the link below for more information about diagrams.


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